WJMC BLOG 4: Wait, it’s been four days already?

Today was quite a day. It was super hot outside, but we spent the majority of the day inside, which was awesome.

We didn’t have to meet today until 8:45, so we could sleep in. However, I completely forgot that when I was setting my alarm. For 6:20. 6:20!!! I bolted out of bed at 6:20 and started to put my contacts in before I remembered that today was out day to sleep in. whoops.

Breakfast was the usual. Weird tasting eggs. Yikes. On the contrary, Starbucks was open, so I was able to get some (good tasting) coffee!! Hallelujah!

In our color group meeting, we did an activity where we read an article about Donny T. pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement (is it an agreement? Idk lol), and determined if the was center, right, or left leaning, and if/where there was bias. I had a sort of aha moment. If I’m honest, when I read news, I don’t really care if it is left-leaning and has a bias, because it is most likely about Trump. I really could not care less if Trump was portrayed fairly in the media, because I have already taken a stance. However, I guess with people who aren’t are firm in their belief should be able to have a non(ish)-biased news which portrays each side.

We did a simulation media activity, where we were assigned a news outlet and had to choose article we thought that they would choose. We also had to come up with headlines, photograph ideas, and ledes (It’s literally spelled that way, not lead. I’m confused. Unless of course there was a typo. I’m demonstrating bad journalistic habits right now because I’m way too tired to actually google it. I’m trying to crank this out quickly so that I can get some sleep.)


afterwards, we had lunch, which was pretty good again. Lunch & dinner remain the winners, as breakfast is pretty pathetic lol (sorry GMU, still give me that scholarship though???).

We then listened to a panel of the staff discuss (mostly) students’ rights as journalists in schools. Sadly, Carrol Guzzy was unable to make it (she was originally supposed to be the speaker then, I think). I was really looking forward to hear about photojournalism from her, and she’s one of the main reasons I wanted to go to WJMC in the first place (refund me, WJMC??? Jk jk). Is it obvious I’m tired right now? Because I am EXHAUSTED.

They brought in one of the admissions ladies from GMU to talk about the college application process, and then it was time for our career breakout sessions. I chose as my numer one, Chirstina Romano, whose bio really impressed me. She traveled to Afghanistan to report on life for women after the fall of the Taliban, has reported in North Korea, and went to Iraq when Operation Iraqi Freedom began. When she was a freelance journalist, she even did a story about the drug cartels in Mexico!

She was amazing to listen to.  The things I took away from her speech was to trust your instincts, don’t take no for an answer, don’t always assume you automatically know the answer, and PERSIST.

Then we listened to Meghan ATB Reese (yeah I don’t know what ATB stands for either), who talked to us about photographing and production. She’s a freelance photographer and producer, and she said she made a lot of money. This really surprised me because I thought freelancers were supposed to be poor? But that’s awesome honestly.

I can’t believe it’s been 4 days. It feels like it’s been maybe 2. We go home the day after tomorrow, and I am NOT ready for that. On the bright side, the Gala is tomorrow which I am SO excited for.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to see the Holocaust museum, which my sister, Olivia Kuhl told me, “sounds like fun.”


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