WJMC BLOG 3: I met one of my faves

Today was super impactful! We listened to many speakers today, including April Ryan!

Breakfast was super early this morning, but I was finally able to get up on time! And there were potatoes!!

We then traveled to a business building somewhere downtown and listened to two speakers. First, we listened to the ‘Sisters in Journalism’ keynote from Michelle and Rene Marsh. Michelle is an anchor for ABC Channel 7, and Rene is an Aviation Correspondent for CNN. The biggest thing I took away from them is to put everything I can into my internships, and ‘It only takes one yes.” They also discussed how internships at smaller markets can end up better for you, as you are assigned many more tasks, as with an internship at a large market, you may have one, minimally involved small job.

David Culver was one of my favorite keynotes. He discussed that “No matter the profession, surround yourself with good people,” and “not everybody is your competition.” He also told us to enjoy where we are in each moment of the career, and it’s okay to be happy where you are, even if you are in the process of moving up. Enjoy where you are, and enjoy what you are currently doing.


I loved David Culver’s keynote. The video aspect of it was a positive change from previous speakers and was also interesting. Mr. Culver showed us that it’s okay to not always be serious in journalism, especially when you are in a small market that allows you to do so.

After the keynotes, we had lunch at an Italian place next door called Buca Di Beppo. At one point, we noticed that there was a whole ‘room’ dedicated to the pope. I was confused.

“Wait, does the pope even have anything to do with Italy?” I asked. Silence, and a giggle.

“What?” I asked. I was reminded by the girls at my table that THE POPE LIVES IN ITALY. I guess I learn something new every day!

At one point, someone was talking about a road trip they took, and said it took them a month to get there because they stopped along the way. At this point, Colby asks,

“A month both ways?” The entire table was laughing so hard at least a couple of minutes. First inside joke of the conference? Check.

Then we headed to the National Press Club. I was pretty excited for this. I would finally get to see April Ryan! I love the way that she consistently continues to ask the questions she needs to, even when she is faced with such disrespect and disregard for her important job. I thought my Limes and I would be in the back since we were one of the last to get into the Press Club. I was wrong! Front row! Score!

(If you have no clue who April Ryan is, shame on you. But here’s one of the many clips of her with Sean Spicer:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcAvcLsgg8M   )


April Ryan has been one of my favorite keynote’s so far. She didn’t try and sugarcoat the journalism career.  She joked of course about Sean Spicer, which I found hilarious. My mom had shown me videos of her at the press briefings and pointed out that she was going to be at WJMC. I was so excited! One of the biggest things I took away from her keynote was “If you are faint of heart or don’t know who you are, don’t become a journalist.” She didn’t sugarcoat the world of journalism for us, which I really appreciated. I also managed to get a picture with her, which I am so happy I did!


Then we traveled back for dinner at Southside. I did not have very high expectations for dinner, as breakfast has been terrible. The eggs taste super weird. However, dinner on Tuesday was probably one of my favorite meals so far.

After dinner, we headed to the conference room at GMU to hear from Kevin McCarthy, a Correspondent and Media Critic for Fox News (ugh I know). He added some humor to his keynote and talking about films we all knew/knew were coming out soon made it easy to stay interested. I learned a lot about entertainment journalism! One of my favorite quotes from him is “Do what you love and the money will follow.” I was so happy to finally hear that from someone. Journalism (or photojournalism if I decide to also go into that) is a hard market to make it in, and it might take a while, but if I’m doing what I love, the trouble will be worth it.

(Sidenote: I know, I know, just because someone is on Fox doesn’t mean they’re a conservative….but ya never know. I checked out his twitter and he liked a tweet of some guy telling Congress to get on board with Donny T. Although, there was terrible grammar in the tweet, and Mr.McCarthy had the only like, so maybe (hopefully) it was in jest.)


Today was such an awesome, inspiring day! I am so happy I am here! Time is flying by, but every day there is something new to look forward to!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be super hot outside, but we’re staying on campus all day so I’m super relieved. #ThankGod . Simulations and career exploration sessions tomorrow, and then Capitol Hill on Thursday! I told Olivia I was planning to go to the Holocaust Museum, and I will leave you with what she replied (she was trying to sound like she was listening when she wasn’t. *Insert eye roll emoji*

“That should be fun,” Olivia Kuhl, after I tell her I am going to the Holocaust Museum.


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