WJMC BLOG 2: Conservatives (& Donny T) are getting on my nerves

Today was a super eventful and exhausting (in a good way) day.

My morning started off pretty rough, with my roommates having to knock on my door at 7:30(breakfast started at 7). I got changed quickly and hurried over to the dining hall where-just my luck-they ran out of hash browns. Tragic.

After, we got on a bus to head to the Newseum. It took us a while to get there, but that was actually a good thing so that I could catch up on some sleep! The Newseum was really cool! I’m not normally a museum person, but I really enjoyed most of it! My favorite section was the Pulitzer Prize photography awards. All of the photographs were so moving, but also really horrifying. Something that someone else had pointed out was that all of the Pulitzer photography prizes for 2017 were centered around either death or violence, which was really depressing.


I stopped by the gift shop (of course) and got a bumper sticker for my car that says, “Speak Up”, a magnet for my aunt, and a red shirt that says, “Created Equal”, simple, but powerful.

Saw people legit trying on Trump hats, saying they liked him. Yikes. Catch me running far away from those people. Also, I literally thought JFK was a Republican until like last week. I now ❤ JKF by the way.

Next, we heard from Ron Meyer, an editor for Red Alert Politics, a conservative Republican news source. Oh joy. I found it pretty humorous that Mr. Meyer, a cis, straight, white, man was telling us to be courageous. I’ll write more on this later when it’s not tied to my WJMC experience 😉 Opinion article coming soon folks!!

We then headed over to dinner at a restaurant. It took us a while to get our food & drinks, but it ended up being pretty good. Afterward, we headed to the White House. There were some interesting street performers there, as well as a lady telling us to repent and Jesus would forgive! I thought it was funny if I’m completely honest.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s no surprise I’m no fan of this presidency (Okay, that’s an understatement, I’m about as left and as liberal as someone can be), so the photograph I took in front of the White House is pretty humorous.


At the request of my mother, no flipping the bird in this pic, unfortunately. 😦


On our bus ride to the ‘Moonlit Monument Tour’ I immediately made conversation with someone sitting next to me named Kacie, as she was singing a PATD song, and I finished it. Soon we were talking about Panic, concerts, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Evan Peters, and Zachary Quinto. We had so many interests in common!

I’m really happy this was the only time we were outside today, because it was very, very hot out. It was starting to cool off already, and there was a nice breeze out as soon as we got off of the buses.

The monuments weren’t necessarily exciting, but beautiful, as it was my first time seeing them. The sheer size of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial shocked me the most.


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Tomorrow is a day with a lot of speakers, and a visit to the National Press Club. Hopefully, I’ll be able to wake up on time tomorrow to take my time getting ready, here’s to hoping! Hopefully the rest of the week is as amazing as these first two days have been!


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