Chicago is the home of multiple anti-trump protests

People of all races, ages, genders, and backgrounds are taking a stand for what they believe in throughout the Chicago area.

Marches across the nation were seen the day after Trump’s inauguration. Some of the biggest marches were noted in LA, California, Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and the largest at our nations’ capital.

An estimated 4.2 million protestors were seen at these marches. One of the most highly attended marches in Illinois was in Chicago. Although only 25,000 were expected, the Chicago Tribune reported that 250,000 people participated in the march. According to the Woman’s March on Chicago’s Facebook page, Due to the large number of attendees, the route had to be moved around last minute.

Speakers were also at the march, and gave some words of their own. Many protestors made their own signs, while some where handed out before the march began. The march was a peaceful one, with no violent outbreaks occurring. Sue Mason, an attendee, stated that the protest was “…Calm, friendly, and very positive”.

Another protest occurred soon after in Chicago on January 28th at O’Hare airport. This protest was an impromptu response to the Presidents’ most recent ban on immigrants and refugees from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Word of the protest spread through Facebook, while people left their homes late at night, some even driving hours to arrive at the airport.  Many donations were made across the country to the ACLU this night, and many lawyers were seen at Chicago O’Hare Airport to defend immigrants’ and refugees’ rights. The protest at O’Hare lasted until all the detainees at the airport were released. An attendee, Sue Mason, said, “The mood was more intense. . . as each person was released the mood became more energetic and positive”.

Those around the area who could not make it to march have been protesting with their wallets. Many Americans have decided to no longer support companies which support Trump. On the other side, many Trump supporters have been doing the same thing, but have stopped shopping at companies or business’s that speak out against the President.

In addition to the woman’s march on Chicago, and the impromptu protest at O’Hare, the public are creating more and more events across the globe. The woman’s march has come out with ways for past (or even non) protestors to stay involved and create change. The information released so far includes ways to contact your state representatives, and small scale meetings throughout the country.



All Photographs Courtesey of: Sue Anne Mason


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